Sejarah Tingkatan 4

Sejarah Berulang

Sri Cempaka 1 to 1 Learning



  1. can i know where to find all subject sejarah from form 1 and form 3

    Comment by harith | September 21, 2007

  2. Dear harith,
    This is public blog where only the Sri Cempaka’s student will be able to use it. Currently im teaching Thingkatan 4 only. Thank You

    Comment by Andrew Er | September 26, 2007

  3. hai.

    Comment by nazrin | January 14, 2008

  4. What is tembikar´╝čI really don’t konw this…

    Comment by Anonymous | January 7, 2009

  5. i like to read sejarah book..hahahah

    Comment by callixtus xtus | April 15, 2011

  6. i’m gonna be the one who is the inteligent in this world…che ..goudut maatu..

    Comment by callixtus xtus | April 15, 2011

  7. i dont understant about sejarah,,,what should i d, to understant sejarah??

    Comment by Anonymous | July 24, 2011

  8. oit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anonymous?aq agy trok dry ko..drypd ko pening kepale baik ko tutup buku sj 2. aq pown da fed up jugak..ny nasihat org asing hahA……..KALO X NK IKOT aq nk ucap gud lux…………are u understant ape yg aq tles ny ???????????????//tkot ko ny omputeh….haha

    Comment by ha-zye-Aa | August 19, 2011

  9. aq xpande sejrah :p

    Comment by nanie | March 23, 2012

  10. how 2 remember sejarah in our mind

    Comment by Anonymous | April 29, 2012

  11. remember2 ja lah…bnyk fkta gea maw ingt…bleh jdi gila ne law buduh sdia…

    Comment by Anonymous | September 3, 2012

  12. law b0le..kasi jdi sup ja 2 bku sejarah..n than mkn trus…bnyk fkta yg msuk…hehehehe..jan kmu stres2…ambik ja 2 artifak yg ada d muzium…kasi jdi answer sejarah…

    Comment by Anonymous | September 3, 2012

  13. law b0le p zaman sejarah g kn…kn best 2…b0le jdi serarahwan..huahuahuahua

    Comment by Anonymous | September 3, 2012

  14. enda bha…cba kmu p salin ja 2 answer d bku krja kmu..n than kmu bca ja…b0le msuk otak jga 2….x pyah kmu stres2 jwb gna otak….hehe..gud luck spm ah…2012 pnya..kasi latup ja…..

    Comment by Anonymous | September 3, 2012

  15. pd mule nye aye x pnday jgax sejarah nhy ,,,,, tp setelah aye gne satu care nhy,,, akhir nye berkesan,,,, meh aye share cket toq kengkawan ….
    kte kne bace satu bab … paling abeh pown satu bab satu ary… paz 2 conteng pd mule muke surat pd bab… didepan 2 kn ade peta minda yg x lengkap,,,, jd,,,, kejew kite r yg kne lengkap kn peta minda 2.. cube laa… insyaallah berkesan ….
    setelah aye gne care nhy …alhamdulilah markah sj aye meningkat….
    padahal aye nhy owg yg paling x ckew sj dlm klazz…n slalu dpt markah rendah… cmpay cikgu mark muke aye

    Comment by ena | December 4, 2012

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